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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It may surprise you to know that I am not always as smart as I look.

Or perhaps that will not surprise you.

Yesterday's running plan was to do 4 miles of neighborhood with some pretty major hills. My goal was to complete all my 5/1 intervals, but because of the ups and downs, I wasn't too concerned about overall pace. However, on the way back, I saw that I had the possibility of completing the first 3.1 miles in under 40 minutes--something I've been wanting to do ever since I almost did in the Tomato 5K in August. So I picked up the pace a bit and kept checking Minnie to see my progress. When she hit the magical 3.1, I pressed the "lap" button, so I would be able to have a record of my exact time.

EXCEPT. I didn't press the "lap" button. I pressed the "start/stop" button.

I realized my mistake after I kept going up an interminably long hill, towards the top of which I couldn't believe my interval was not yet up. And then I realized that the accrued time still read "39:24" and distance was at 3.1, even though I had by now run beyond that. So I cussed, pressed "start/stop" AGAIN, and *then* hit "lap."

Hitting "lap" turned out to be my second mistake. Apparently when running intervals, "lap" indicates the athlete's wish to switch to the alternate interval (in my case, running or walking). So in hitting the button, I effectively screwed up my intervals for the remainder of the run.


It was still great weather for a good run, and I guess now I know not to be so cavalier with my mid-run button pushing.

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  1. The diagram was the best part of the whole post. As a side note, your body still got a great workout in, even if Minnie wasn't able to log the whole thing. :)