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Monday, September 26, 2011

All the runnin' ladies (all the runnin' ladies)

(That title makes a lot more sense if you can see me singing and dancing it.)

Ever since my first experience as a race spectator, I have been hooked. But I never really realized how much of a difference it made to see people out cheering until I completed my first half marathon this past April. Anytime you have to do something hard, having people who love and support you around just makes it a little easier. So, since I had two friends running in it, I had lots of motivation to go cheer for the Women's Half Marathon here in Nashville last Saturday.

My friend the Wiz and I stationed ourselves at about the 9.5 mile mark, just off the (in)famous circle at Demonbreun and Music Row.

The official title of this public work of art is, "Musica." Most Nashvillians simply call it, "The Naked Statue."

There were a lot of FANCY running outfits.

I was waiting to see my friend Stephanie and snap a great photo of her. Missions 50% accomplished.

The picture-taking went better a few minutes later when Aparna came by.

Congratulations to all the awesome ladies (and gentlemen--who knew?) who were out there on Saturday! I was so inspired that I went right home and ran 4 miles in 52 minutes . . . slow, but on target to meet my goal in November!

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