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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Around the corner

Forty is within sight--both the age and my total race miles leading up to it.  I'll be completing the final 1.4 miles (plus an additional 1.7) this Saturday at the Race Across the Spectrum:  5K for Autism in Brentwood, TN.  The weather leading up to the race has been hot and humid, with an emphasis on the latter over the past few days.  Unfortunately, these are the worst conditions for me personally--I do much better in the cold and dry than warm and wet.  Nevertheless, my goal is to finish in 35 minutes or under!

I realize that I never posted a follow-up after my last 5K; the reason is that it turned out to be kind of a fiasco.  The coordinators put on a very nice event, but in spite of the name, it was not really a race, nor was it designed for runners.  I logged the 3.1 miles for the record books and moved on.

This Saturday's course is promised to be fairly flat, so in spite of the muggy conditions, I'm hoping I can reach my goal!  I'll try and post my finishing time by Saturday afternoon, so check back here to see whether or not I did.

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