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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This is REALLY. HAPPENING. (yikes)

Yesterday was my birthday! Which means that "40 before 40" has officially begun! Eeeek!

I'm a little daunted by the task I've set out for myself. Partly because it is SO STINKIN' HOT here in middle Tennessee at the moment as to make training runs almost unimaginable.

BUT. A group of my very sweet and ever-supportive friends chipped in for my birthday and got me a really swanky Garmin GPS/heart monitor/calorie calculating watch! It is super fancy. I think it might also do your taxes. So I feel pretty legit and prepared to conquer the open road! Once I figure out how to work it, that is.

My first 40B40 event is the 5K that kicks off the East Nashville Tomato Art Fest. My goal is to finish under 44 minutes, which I think is achievable but going to take some effort as the course is quite hilly. Only 12 days to go!

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